Helping brands through clear,
meaningful and enduring solutions.​​​​​​​
Nehuen Buriasco is a multidisciplinary designer based in Buenos Aires. With a degree from the Universidad de Palermo and specialized expertise in Brand Identity, his mission is to help brands through clear, meaningful, and enduring solutions.
Drawing on his education and experience, Nehuen approaches each project with a deep understanding of the power of design to solve complex problems and elevate brand experiences. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his work, from the initial concept development to the final execution.

Nehuen perceives design as a problem-solving discipline, elevating people's quality of life through visually compelling, intellectually refined, and timeless work. Each project is seen as an opportunity to cultivate a distinct visual language that empowers brands to articulate their narrative.

In pursuit of design excellence, Nehuen's philosophy is rooted in three fundamental pillars: semantics, delving into the meaning behind every element; syntactics, ensuring the harmonious relationship among design elements; and pragmatics, crafting messages that are both comprehensible and efficient.​​​​​​​
Semantics plays a pivotal role in the realm of design, serving as the cornerstone for crafting meaningful and purposeful solutions. Delving into the essence of the design objectives, it is imperative to dedicate ample time to unraveling the accurate meanings, navigating complexities, and comprehending contextual nuances. This diligent exploration lays the groundwork for achieving optimal results.
The hallmark of a well-executed design lies in the harmonious relationship among its syntactical elements. Whether it's the seamless integration of typefaces with grids and images or the hierarchical balance of type sizes, achieving syntactic consistency is paramount. Each component contributes to the cohesive narrative, ensuring that every detail complements the overarching message.
A design that fails to convey its intended purpose renders all efforts fruitless. While occasional clarification may be necessary, the true mark of excellence is when messages stand on their own, communicating their essence with clarity and precision. The clarity—or lack thereof—during the design phase invariably shapes the final outcome. It is imperative to grasp the project's foundational principles and underlying assumptions to fully appreciate and evaluate its effectiveness. Clear intent begets clear results—a fundamental principle in design.
Partnering with businesses
of every scale and sector.
From burgeoning startups to established multinational enterprises: bespoke solutions that align with brand ethos and contribute to forging a distinctive presence within the industry.
Headquartered in Buenos Aires,
extending services globally.
Transcending borders to provide
purposeful solutions on a global scale.
Julieta Ulanovsky, Co-Founder & Director
"En ZkySky siempre quisimos trabajar con Nehuen. Desde que vimos sus trabajos publicados nos pusimos en campaña. No solo por los desarrollos en sí sino por cómo los comunicaba. Lo queríamos en el equipo, sin dudas. Intentamos un par de veces hasta que logramos coincidir en un proyecto de diseño de identidad. Fue una experiencia rica: tiene un gran expertise y un fuerte compromiso. Nehuen sabe y comparte eso que sabe. Una gran alegría trabajar en conjunto."
Micuccio Propiedades
Nahuel Micuccio, Founder & Director
"Trabajamos con Nehuen en todas las comunicaciones impresas y digitales de nuestra empresa. Semana tras semana nos sorprende con su enfoque colaborativo y su profundo compromiso con la excelencia. Desde el primer momento demostró una comprensión profunda de nuestras necesidades y objetivos, y se dedica a trabajar estrechamente con nuestro equipo para convertir nuestra visión en realidad."
Yuri Kandrachoff, Founder & Director
"La dedicación, creatividad y atención al detalle de Nehuen en el diseño de identidad de nuestra empresa fueron evidentes en cada etapa del proceso. No solo capturó la esencia de nuestra marca, sino que también la elevó a nuevas alturas con un diseño que es claro, significativo y perdurable. Su enfoque en la resolución de problemas y su habilidad para crear una narrativa visual única nos impresionaron."