Architecture & Design

Brand Identity

Yuri is an independent architectural firm inspired by creating a timeless legacy of simplicity, elegance and functionality. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond conventional boundaries, creating environments that inspire and elevate.

The mission was to meticulously craft their brand identity, encompassing a suite of elements ranging from logo design and visual assets to comprehensive brand applications, a sophisticated website, and a carefully detailed brand identity manual.

Yuri's brand identity mirrors the essence of the firm itself: a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity meticulously curated to evoke timelessness and sophistication. Each element, from graphic design to typography, colors, and brand applications, reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence. Inspired by the ethos of Yuri's founder, the brand embodies a pursuit of architectural perfection. The logo, a refined typography, captures the essence of Yuri's design philosophy, echoing its clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Beyond visuals, Yuri's brand identity is a reflection of its values and vision. From digital platforms to physical touchpoints, Yuri's brand applications aim to captivate and inspire. Whether encountering the sleek precision of its digital presence or the tactile elegance of printed materials, each interaction with Yuri leaves a lasting impression.

Yuri's commitment to quality permeates every aspect of its brand identity, ensuring that every engagement is an opportunity to explore the boundless possibilities of architectural design. At Yuri, the belief is that great design endures beyond trends. Its brand identity embodies this belief, serving as a timeless legacy in every project undertaken.

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